Name Source Aspects
Spider Jerusalem [Transmet][transmet] Unyeilding anger at injustice, news reporting, truth telling
Pham Neuan [A Deepness in the Sky][deepness] Survival under perfect panopticon, cunning, long planning, seeding backdoors/tools, programmer acheologist
Quellcrist Falconer [Altered Carbon][alteredcarbon] Anarchist revolutionary
Harold Finch [Person of Interest][poi] Hacker, AI programmer, wants to save the world
Logan Cale [Dark Angel][darkAngle] Hacker, optimist, trying to fix the world
The Major [Ghost in the Shell][gits] Anarchistic team, expert at what she does, does what she loves
Clarisa Mao [The Expanse][expanse] Push tech to limits, hit bumps, be beyond cutting edge
Galen, technomage [B5 Crusade][crusade] Advanced tech and tricks as magic
Daniel Burks, Roach [Echopraxia][exchopraxia] Durability, reliability, stability of baseline
Casanova Quinn [Casanova][casanova] Spiders, Ravens, flexibility
* Newman Xeno [Casanova][casanova] Mysterious, acronyms
Case [Neuromancer][neruomancer] Canonical expert hacker
Doktor Sleepless [Doktor Sleepless][doktorsleepless] Weave a cartoon character to hide intent, grand plans
Jean le Flambeur [Quantum Theif][quantumtheif] Trickster, seed tools
William Gravel [Gravel][gravel] Determination, persistence, overcompensating study
Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock Holmes][holmes] Master level detective, observation
Hari Seldon [Foundation][foundation] History and psychology and stats to predict the future, grand plan
Takeshi Kovacs, envoy [Altered Carbon][alteredcarbon] Deep training reflaxes, force of will, shopping


[Global Frequency][globalfreq]

  • Miranda Zero
  • Aleph


  • Drummer
  • Elija Snow


Bugs [Threebody problem][3bproblem] - Roach [Exchopraxia][exchopraxia]

Wallfacer [The Dark Forest][3bproblem]

ML trained Neural Net reproduction of person AI [Revelation Space][revspace]

Wolves [Revelation Space][revspace]



  • Rabbit
  • Cyottee
  • Raven
  • Fox
  • Prometheus
  • Raccoon



Nell [Diamond Age][diamondage]

Laughing Man [Ghost in the Shell][gits]

Mark Wateny [The Martian][martian]

Yorrick Brown [Y The Last Man][y]

Matty Roth [DMZ][dmz]

Hiro Protagonist [Snowcrash][snowcrash]

Lenie Clark [Rifters][rifters]

Theseus Crew [Blindsight][blindsight]

  • Siri Keaton
  • Jukka Sarasti

Nicola Tesla