The newest version is 0.3


Get the latest development code from our git repository:

git clone


goserver.tar.gz is the Server package and goclient.tar.gz is the client package. The most current version is 0.3. The code isn’t pretty but it gets the job done.


  • Go server allows many concurrent games and static house bots
  • Full GTP server that supports saving of games to SGF files
  • Website for serving game stats, SGF files, and thumbnails of matches.
  • Wrapper for console GTP apps to connect to online games.

Contents and How to Use

Testing your bot on a server

First you need to set up a .bot file as described by the [] file. Once that’s done, you can query the server for bots to play against with

./goclient --server --list

Which will list the bots and their IDs. Pick on and play against it with your bot as follows

./goclient --server --guest --vs house_bot_id

Finally, to set up your bot as a house bot for others to play against

./goclient --server --house

Setting Up a Server

Start a new screen session. In the first window, start the server with


Than for each house bot you have configured, in an aditional window start it with

./goclient --server --house

You can properly quit a house bot as from a new command line as follows

./goclient --server --quit id_of_bot --pass password_from_.bot_file

Finally, you can set up matches between house bots as follows

./goclient --server --match id_of_bot --vs id_of_another_bot

If you want to setup the Go stats website, then import the two SQL tables in ai_go.sql into a database in MySQL and configure and website/index.php to connect to the DB properly and configure paths to each other accordingly as well. Place website/index.html some where web accessible. Finally, if you want thumbnails of games, install GoGui and configure the path to that as well in, otherwise comment that line generating thumbnails out.