This is a demo .bot file. .bot files are configuration files for bots that contain the required meta information about them for usage with the goserver scripts. The information needed is

  • program: The program command line
  • handle-net: ‘true’ or ‘false’. If false (default) you program just needs to print and read from stdin and stdout and a wrapper program gtp2ip will handle the internet connection. If true, your program will be called with 2 arguments, the Server name or IP and the port to connect to. Your program will be expected to handle all the details of TCP/IP and full GTP support. (This means a few things gtp2ip handled, like ‘protocol_version’).
  • name: The proper name of the bot
  • version: The version of the bot
  • author: The author of the bot
  • password: A password protecting the bot from being quitted by just anyone when operating in house mode.

a .bot file looks like the following

program=/usr/games/bin/gnugo --mode gtp