Current version: 0.3.0 dev

Author: Dan Ballard

Language: Common Lisp (in SBCL)

v0.3.0 A few more ‘nice’ tweaks, like updates to the GTP engine, and other fixes. The first proper board evaluations here:

  • liberties of pieces (Done)
  • shapes (Done)
  • liberties of shapes (Done)

Also, now initializes the random seed ;) Also, lots more refactoring and DSL macro work. Trying to make implementing new classes for evaluation as trivial to implement as possible and quick to add.

v0.2.0 A more complex framework was built. Still barebones, but now a dynamic class system with a few DSL macros have been written ideally enabling rapid development of actual features from here on out. Also, the framework for proper DFS state space search has been hashed out. Still just random.

v0.1.* First test of Lisp really. Me starting ot get my barings and get a feel for writing a real program in Lisp. The GTP engine was done and an extremely basic board and random chooser.