Tues 27, May 2008 3:14am More updates to the server, including a keepalive ping that should solve the problem of remote house bots getting dropped. Get it from git or wait for a release in a day or two after I’m sure it’s stable.

Fri 09, May 2008 Things move along. Now both Robert and I (Dan) have Go bots that can connect to the servers and play. The competition is officially on!

As we were getting these up and running we ran into plenty of kinks in the 0.1 version of the Go server and client software so we’ve been updating them and are proud to announce version 0.2 of our Go software. Go get it and come play with us.

Finally, now that we can compete, we needed to see who was best, so we whipped up a competition page, go see it over here

First Post

We now have a go server (goserver Go Server and Client Software) running the goserver scripts at ai.mindstab.net (let me know if it crashes, I’ll look into it, it’s alpha). We’re running two house bots for now, Robert Hausch’s ‘Random Bot’ and a copy of Amigo ported to GTP we found floating around the net. If anyone writes bots good enough to beat Amigo we can also put GnuGo up, its already been tested.

We are writing and setting up the server infrastructure now. GTP is a simple mechanism for two engines to talk to each other through a server which mediates a game or games. GTP does not, however, facilitate the setting up of matches, so all the internet GO servers have their own in house software to do that, which is what we’re whipping up. Details on how to play each other through our server will be posted once it’s setup. The only client side requirement will be Python.