This is where I’ll post misc. notes and stuff and probably some info about my go-playing companion, GAL 9000. GAL and I are doing well, though I’m still trying to get him to sing “Daisy”…

For a list of updates, check out Shaun’s Updates.

Basic Board

Check out the basic go board I created for my bots. Shaun basicBoard

NOTE: The basicboard needs to be re-done. GAL 9000 has been complaining that it doesn’t keep history, and that the history should be byte-arrays to save space-time, and that it doesn’t allow GAL to play both sides of the board.


TODO: \^

Design Notes

* explorative //exploring the board * aggressive  //attacking * defensive   //defending

Essential(?) Functions/Methods

* get_move()          //input * bool send_move(x,y) //output * determine_move()    //What's my next move?  Calls modules to calculate next move

Utility Functions: (may or may not be used)

* bool part_of_fort(x,y) //Determines whether a given stone is connected to a fort * bool hole_in_fort(x,y) //Determines whether a given x,y coordinate is a hole in a fort * find_forts() //Finds all forts on the board * board rotate(board, degree) //Rotates a given board/section of board 90, 180, or 270 degrees * bool has_fort(board) //Determines if a given board/section of board contains a fort (should probably specify what team...)